The Soboba Tribal Gaming Commission (STGC) is the primary independent regulatory agency for the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians, a sovereign Tribal Nation. The STGC provides regulatory oversight of any and all Class II and Class III gaming conducted on Soboba tribal lands. The STGC is comprised of the following divisions, which are responsible for regulating and enforcing all tribal, federal and state gaming regulations: Licensing, Regulatory Compliance, Surveillance and Internal Audit.


STGC Division Overviews

The Licensing Division is responsible for processing and investigating backgrounds of all casino employees, ensuring that all applicants meet established standards for licensure. The Licensing Division also performs background checks on certain vendors desiring to conduct business with the gaming operation. The Licensing Division processes hundreds of applications every year.

Regulatory Compliance
The Regulatory Compliance Division is typically considered the face of the STGC. Compliance Officers are responsible for working hand in hand with casino representatives on the gaming floor while ensuring that all regulations are being adhered to. One major responsibility of the Regulatory Compliance Division is to certify all gaming devices, which is done prior to being offered to the general public for play. Compliance Officers also work directly with local law enforcement and representatives from numerous federal, state and local jurisdictions, in addition to helping casino guests with TORT claims or complaints.

The Surveillance Division is responsible for monitoring the casino via surveillance video technology. Known as the “Eye in the Sky”, surveillance’s role is to ensure casino representatives and guests are not violating any established rules or regulations. Hundreds of surveillance cameras are deployed in order to effectively monitor all casino activity.

Internal Audit
The Internal Audit Division plays a huge role in the effective regulation of casino operations. The STGC is responsible for ensuring that regular audits of the casino operations are performed as required. Internal Audit works as a pro-active evaluator, testing operational compliance with all regulations and holding casino operations accountable for gaining and maintaining full compliance.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact the STGC offices at 951-665-1000 ext. 1267.

To report any suspected fraud or suspicious activity, you may call 951-665-1337 or submit via email at